3D model of BBDMP Headworks
Powerhouse Site showing excavation works, nearby settlement and owner's Camp at Bheriganga-05, Surkhet
Headworks overall view
Powerhouse Excavation Site at Bheriganga-05, Surkhet
Different activities at Headworks Site
Headworks Site at Bheriganga-11, Surkhet
Diversion Road. Chhinchu-Jajarkot Sector
Settling Basin
Spillway ready to go for concreting
Excavation in Powerhouse Area
Turbine model test IWHR Beijing, China
Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project's TBM Tunnel Breakthrough Ceremony
Chiple Kholsi Diversion
Headworks: Left Bank Guide Wall construction progress

Ran Bahadur Bam
Project Director

Strategic Plan of BBDMP


“Achieve sustainable economic growth of Nepal through enhanced agricultural production and productivity by providing year-round irrigation; and generating reliable electricity with focused development of inter-basin water transfer and multipurpose projects using modern technologies like TBM by the means of effective and efficient public sector.”


  • Development of basin diversion multipurpose projects for optimum utilization of available water resources available in the country providing year-round irrigation, generating reliable electricity and also for other multipurpose benefits;
  • Successful usage of Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) for fast construction of the tunnels and promote use of such technologies in other infrastructure development;
  • Enhance the capacity of the public sector to develop other diversion multipurpose projects and infrastructures.


  • To achieve round the year irrigation for 51,000 ha agricultural land of Banke and Bardiya districts and generate 46 MW electricity by transfering 40 m3/sec of water from Bheri River to Babai River (water surplus basin to water deficit basin) by completing the project within FY 2079/80;
  • To use TBM successfully for the construction of 12.2 Km long tunnel;
  • To enhance the technical capacity of technical personnels working in water resources and irrigation sector for the development of multipurpose projects and use of TBM technology;
  • To implement infrastructure development and capacity building programs to enhance social and economic status of the communities in project affected area.

Strategic Plan (रणनीतिक योजना)

About Project


Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project (BBDMP) is the first of its kind of inter-basin water transfer project conceptualized to provide round the year irrigation facility to 51,000 A of land of Banke and Bardiya districts. Therefore, it has two components i.e. Hydropower and Irrigation.

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Tunnel Breakthrough Ceremony

April 16, 2019 (वैशाख ३, २०७६)

Total Length of Tunnel Excavation: 12206 m

Tunnel Excavation By DBM Technology
Excavation Started (By DBM Method): January 1, 2017
Total Length of Tunnel Excavated by DBM Method: 150 m

Tunnel Excavation By TBM Technology
Excavation Started (By TBM Method): November 6, 2017
Total Length of Tunnel Excavated By TBM Method: 12056 m

Concrete Segment Production

Segment Production Started : 3 Aug 2017
Segment Production Completed : 11 Jan 2019
Total Number of Segment Produced : 34550

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