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Inter Basin Water Transfer Projects (IBWTP) are the most practical methods of water managementfor a country like Nepal, where climate change effects as well as spatial and temporal variations in the availability of water exists.Such methods of water transfer can assure year round irrigation as well as power generation, industrial water needs and urban water needs.

Based on the principles of Integrated Water Resources Management, Government of Nepal, through its different policy documents including Irrigation Policy, National Water Resources Strategy, National Water Plan, Periodic Plans, has expressed its priority to develop IBWTPs. Bheri Babai Multiple Diversion Project (BBDMP) is the first to be implemented and there are other such projects in pipeline such as Sunkosi-Marin, Kali Gandaki-Tinau etc.

Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose project (BBDMP), one of the National Pride Projects of the country, is a milestone project for solving the spatial variation of water resources within Bheri and Babai river basin.  The project aims to divert 40 cumecs of water from the water surplus Bheri river to water deficit Babai river to irrigate 51000 hectares of land of Banke and Bardiya districts. This project involves the construction of about 15 m high barrage cum bridge over the Bheri river, 12.2 Km long tunnel along the fragile Siwaliks geology, surge shaft, 46.8 MW capacity powerhouse at the tail end of the tunnel, switchyard and transmission line. On account of the topographical and geological complexity and optimization of risk associated with tunneling, BBDMP has planned the construction of the Headrace tunnel at first. Through mechanized tunneling method using Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) and lined with precast concrete segments.

The 12.2 Km long Headrace tunnel, lined throughout by precast concrete segments with 4.2 m finished diameter is already completed now. Anticipated major risks such as risks due to highest overburden (820m) and fault zone along first 6 Km (from downstream end) has been successfully overcome. And the second phase of construction of Headworks and Powerhouse has also been started.

The successful completion of first TBM tunneling technology in Nepal has been taken as a major paradigm shift for the Department of Water Resources and Irrigation to achieve assured year-round irrigation. This technology has also opened up the possibility of its application in other sectors such as road tunnels, hydropower tunnels, metro tunnels and drinking water supply tunnels. Furthermore, this success has increased the technical capability and confidence level of the technical manpower of the department for future project development.

Despite the difficult situation of COVID-19, BBDMP is now focused in the successful completion of the remaining works- Civil works (Headworks, Surge Shaft, Powerhouse), Hydromechanical works, Electromechanical works and Transmission Line within the stipulated time.

The support and cooperation from local peoples, local governments, political parties and other stakeholders to the project team is highly appreciable and we expect the continuation of support and cooperation in future.

Hari Narayan Yadav
Project Director

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